Youth Group. All. Summer. Long.

Because what else would we do? In a bit of a change from previous years our Saint James Youth Ministry Team is going to keep the momentum of our Youth Group moving all Summer long!

Obviously there are a couple of weeks where this just won't work for one reason or another: read, trips planned already. But the majority of the Summer Season if you are in town stop by the Youth Room from 6:30-8:00pm Wednesdays to catch up, get some good discussion in with your fellow group members, or just do stuff like movie nights, yard bowling, or other things we haven't fully thought out yet but are sure will be awesome!

Along with this effort we will begin our fundraising efforts in earnest this Summer (New blog post will explain in greater detail!). This allows us to get a leg up on some upcoming trips: Washington D.C., next year's planned retreat schedule then the possible Italy trip in 2019.

By your efforts we can all benefit and get some actual dollars in the bank account for these endeavors and not have to worry quite so much about out of pocket costs for our families.

#youthgroup #summertime #retreats #activities

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