Fundraising - Tentative Schedule

If you were wondering "Huh, whatever happened to those discussions we had earlier in the year out fundraising?" Well we have an update. We have some tentative dates where we need your input on if you can make it to help or not. It's not really going to work if we schedule ourselves for a fundraising event, but lack the manpower right? So we have lined out the following opportunities this Summer for our group to get some funds raised, and if everyone chips in the group benefits for trips like: OBOC 2018, Washington D.C., Italy 2019.

Tentative Schedule For Summer Fundraising:

  • First Thursdays - Downtown Douglas - June 1st

  • First Thursdays - Downtown Douglas - July 8th

  • Community Yard Sale - July 15th

  • First Thursdays - Downtown Douglas - August 2nd

  • Eclipse Fundraiser - Arbor Cafe - August 18-20th (Need an idea of availability within these dates)

  • Downtown Farmer's Market - Saturdays in September 9a-12p

All of these events can be managed by 6-10 participants, but we need to decide what we will engage the public with, what you want to make, and most importantly what dates you are available!

We have a handy dandy Doodle Poll available where as a Youth Group participant or Parent (Hi There!) you can let us know your availability based on your Summer Schedule:

So let us know, sooner rather than later. On the backend of all of this effort we will have a Youth Group account where the funds will be deposited and attendance will be taken for those who participate so that we can keep the awards of funds as fair as possible. Not only will the funds raised go to help upcoming trips but we will use it for our Wish List for our Ministerial Efforts for the Youth Room and activities throughout the year.

If you have any questions about our schedule, want to volunteer or want to provide feedback let us know by clicking


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