just for parents

first: thank you.

You are raising awesome kids!  We absolutely feel blessed to have the opportunity to minister to them.  So hey, good on you parents for making Faith such a huge part of your home, your lives and by being their first teachers in the ways of Christian life.  It's probably not said often enough, but you're doing a great job!

second: you're welcome.

The parents of our Youth are always welcome to our weekly meetings, our retreats, events, fundraisers, or anything we do.  We are here for you just as much as we are for your teen.  So if you need anything, have any questions, would like to offer input or guidance let us know. We have a complete open door policy on all aspects of our programs and welcome you to be a part of our ministry development.  You can reach out via text, phone, or email anytime.

third: stay in the know.

We want to make sure you have plenty of ways to keep informed about all that is happening with our program!  

This Site. We have a News/Info page right here on our site; we also have an Events Page


Prefer Text?  We send out Text Alerts via the Remind app routinely.


You've Got Mail.  We also try to send monthly postcards to each registered youth household so you have an overview of events you and your teen are invited to outside of our normal Wednesday Meetings.  We would also be happy to send all information via email.  Click Here to sign up for our email updates!


Make It Official. Another alternative is we have a public calendar which can be found via this link.