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Steubenville of the Rockies

We are excited to join the 20th year of Steubenville of the Rockies in Denver by taking a group of 8, 6 teens and 2 adults!  This is our first time as a ministry going to this event and your prayers are most welcome!

Location: Denver, CO

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First Thursdays

We are kicking off our fundraising efforts by supporting a booth at First Thursdays in Downtown Douglas. Let us know if you can make it to help man the booth, and if not encourage people to stop by and buy some food to support our efforts!


Time: 4pm-8pm

Location: 2nd Street - Douglas WY



First Thursdays

We will continue our fundraising efforts throughout the summer at each of the upcoming First Thursday events downtown.  If you can help volunteer an hour or two each time we would surely appreciate your support!


Time: 7am - 10am

Location: 2nd Street - Douglas

other events coming up:


This year we will head to Conception Abbey in Northeast Missouri!

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Eclipse Cafe

We have been invited to the Arbor Cafe for a great fundraising opportunity during the Eclipse!

First Thursday

Augus 2nd - We'll wrap up our appearances downtown!

Weekly Meets

We will meet throughout the Summer each Wednesday from 6:30-8!