leadership team

The Youth Leadership Team is comprised of members of the Youth Group who have exhibited the following characteristics:

  • Taking on roles in the Liturgy

  • Regular Attendance/Presence at Mass

  • Active in the community in volunteering or team activities

  • Attendance to Youth Ministry Meetings and/or Projects

  • Qualities Such As: A Need To Serve The Church, Prayer Life, Trustworthiness, Respect For Others, Confidence, Unbiased, A Sense of Community, Willingness to Work With Others, Able to Take the Initiative, Empathy, Organizational Abilities, Able to See the Larger Picture, Willing to Learn

  • Another Desired Quality Where Applicable: Attendance at Retreats and Diocesan Events Centered on Growing in Faith.


This initial year we will seek to appoint Youth Leaders for our Youth Ministry to work with the Adult Youth Ministers and assist with leading activities, planning, helping younger grades where needed and being a representative voice for our Youth in our Parish.  After the initial year and at the close of the Faith Formation Year our Youth Group will hold elections for the next year to summarily elect their youth leadership team for the following Youth Group Year to begin July 1.  These should be announced on our Freshman Welcome Night in late May with a month for the handing off of responsibilities.  The elections should strive to not be a popularity contest but should focus on the characteristics of a Youth Leader from the community.




Our teen leaders should not be piled upon with hours, but should have distinct responsibilities that come with taking on a leadership role for our Youth Group.  

  • The Youth Leadership Team should meet once a month, with an allowance in a years time for two absences.  These meetings should have an agenda set by the Leadership Team in conjunction with the Youth Minister to advance the various projects, causes and concerns of that Leadership Team for the year.  

  • The Leadership Team should lead at least one hour of Youth Group or one Service Project per month as determined by the team’s discernment, team prayer, and input.  

  • The Leadership Team should work with younger grades and Catechists where requested or needed to help lead the younger students in prayer and/or Worship as the activity necessitates.

  • The team should summarily understand Safe Environment practices as upheld and implemented by the Diocese of Cheyenne and attend training where needed to help better understand these practices and policies.




The Team should strive to include a representative member from each grade (9-12th) and can include both enrolled and homeschooled youth.  Their role is to help other Youth Members by planting seeds where necessary about upcoming events, being present at Mass, and effectively leading and being a representative voice of their age group to both the Adult Youth Ministry Team and the Parish Community where necessary.  They as well should help to cultivate the youth group by recruitment to activities, and not being afraid to invite those whom they know outside of Church to attend group where applicable.  


Dependent upon the size of the overall Youth Group each Grade can have up to 2 Youth Leaders for an overall total of 8. Each grade can elect their representatives or the whole of the youth group can dependent upon size of the grade and their representative body.  




Since this generation will one day be the generation taking the largest part in various responsibilities in the Church, and through their vocations working for Her and Her mission throughout the world, the Youth Leadership program should exist to help refine those skills & qualities.


The goal of having a Youth Leadership Team is not to “set apart” a few, but to help all of the members of our Youth Group refine and work on leadership skills.  As well this is to help with peer to peer mentoring in a healthy environment by providing all members of our youth group someone in their school and their age, someone whom they will see every day and come to know as a role model in their Church and enhance the understanding of the Church as Family.    The Youth Leadership team is not set in granite each year but will be passed on and through our Youth Group by election after the initial year to have our group determine their leadership team.  



Being a part of the team is more than just making meetings fit your schedule, it's helping us shape the future of our ministry.

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