About us

Our Mission: To help teens and young adults become fully formed members of the Holy Catholic Church by participation in the sacraments, an understanding of their personal and communal relationship with Christ and a building of ministry within the community to fully represent our Christian beliefs.

In other words, we help Catholic teens understand their faith.  We encourage personal relationships with the Holy Trinity, the Communion of Saints, with each other and with the greater Church Community: both local and Universal.  We want the youth of our Church to understand that this is their Church.  Not someday, not in a few years, but now... today.  They are a living part of Christ's pilgrim Church, they are His Disciples, His people.  

We encourage personal spiritual growth as well as understanding of our greater community and our roles within it as a pilgrim people.  We encourage our teens, the youth of our Church to be the "Light of the World, and the Salt of the Earth." to not fear but to trust in Christ, to go forth in their lives with the full knowledge that God is with them, and He loves them in crazy and unfathomable ways.  

We are affiliated with St. James Catholic Church in Douglas Wyoming and the Diocese of Cheyenne.  We teach the Catechism of the Catholic Church through activities, small group discussion, guest speakers, retreats, and the personal witness of our lives.  We welcome new members or those thinking of joining us on the First Wednesday of every month!  If you or a teen you know is interested in seeing what all of this is about please click here and we will get back with you pronto!

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